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Our Mission: To Become the World's Largest Internet Platform Outside the US and China

We intend to create an Internet giant where none exists today. We strive to own the mobile homescreen with a view to maximizing our share of consumer online spending in our fast-growing markets. We identify and build proven Internet business models and transfer them to new, underserved or untapped markets, mainly outside the United States and China, where we seek to scale them into market leading online companies. Started in 2007 Rocket Internet today employs more than 20,000 people across our network of companies, which operates in more than 100 countries on 5 continents.

Our Focus

We build online business models that satisfy basic consumer needs mainly across three focus sectors. Our e-commerce companies include retail companies in the areas of fashion, general merchandise, home and living, office supplies and food and groceries. Our marketplace companies seek to displace traditional supply chains by creating venues where buyers and sellers can transact directly, and include real estate and car online classifieds, travel and transport, and food delivery companies. Our third sector, financial technology, includes companies that focus on bringing together borrowers and lenders in regions and segments that are underserved by traditional banks, particularly in the consumer and small and medium-sized enterprise segments, and on facilitating payments.

Our Strategy

As part of our global strategy, we have created regional Internet groups in Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East in order to bundle local market and business model insights, facilitate regional commercial, strategic and investment partnerships, in particular with mobile telecommunication providers, enable local recruiting and sourcing and accelerate the regional rollout of our companies. We have developed proprietary technology where we believe it provides our companies with a competitive advantage. Our proprietary technology is highly flexible and scalable and provides our companies with significant cost and speed advantages, particularly during their initial rapid launch and rollout processes.

Our Platform

Our platform has enabled us to build a large, global network of companies and has historically put us in a position to launch more than 10 new companies every year through application of a standardized business model identification and development process. Every new company that we start accelerates the virtuous circle of synergy creation among our companies. The larger the size of our network of companies, the more significant our opportunity is to benefit from synergies and network effects with respect to our suppliers, solution providers, customers and employees.