4 out of 5 Brits would buy a used car - new marketplace CarSpring takes on trend

18 JUNI 2015, LONDON, UK

A new trend hits the British car market. According to the British Car Auctions Report 2015 - released by University of Buckingham Business School - 4 out of 5 car owners would go for pre-owned rather than brand new when purchasing their next car. This recent study indicates there is a huge shift in the car market and also in how purchasing decisions will be made. CarSpring, which recently launched in the UK, jumps right onto this trend by introducing a new way people can buy or sell their pre-owned cars online.

CarSpring is a new peer-to-peer marketplace that also acts as a quick and efficient matchmaker between car sellers and potential buyers. It aims to provide the easiest and most convenient solution for people who want to sell or buy pre-owned cars online.The startup, which is also FAC-approved, (it is now licensed to introduce its customers to finance providers) wants to offer a completely new way people buy and sell used cars by guaranteeing a hassle free way of car dealing.The “Uber of used cars” presents the 21st century way of car selling and buying including top-notch customer service. From a free professional car check to complimentary door-to-door delivery, CarSpring makes car buying a special experience.

“Buying and selling a car can be a tremendous effort in terms of research and purchase. The selection on the market is huge and not everybody is honest about the facts. As a solution, we want to provide a trusted, safe, convenient and full-service package”
, states Maximilian Vollenbroich, Co-Founder of CarSpring.

And this is how it works.
To receive an initial quote, owners just need to enter their car’s license plate number on the company’s website. If satisfied with the initial quote the seller can directly book an inspection with one of the company’s professional inspectors. Once the car has passed its comprehensive 200-point inspection, CarSpring will list the car on its website free of charge and will find the best match between buyers and sellers. If CarSpring cannot find a buyer for a car within 30 days it will offer to buy the car itself.

On the website www.CarSpring.co.uk customers can choose to buy a car from a hand-picked selection or sell their used car in only two short steps. All cars are being checked and tested by the CarSpring inspectors and the paperwork will be handled by the company. CarSpring is a new peer-to-peer marketplace, bringing potential buyers and sellers together. The startup is currently active in London and surrounding areas.

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